Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions about our solid steel firepit grills:

What is so special about these firepits and why are they so expensive?

Expensive is a relative term. It relates to value. There are some cheaper firepits on the market, but most of them will only last a year or two before becoming useless. If you buy a firepit for $100 and it lasts two years, then it costs you $50 a year. If you buy one of our firepits for $250 and it lasts ten years, then it only costs you $25 a year.

How big and heavy are the firepits?

Our firepits weight 55 pounds and 31 inches across. One person can move them, but it’s very easy with two people. Some folks take them camping when they have a trailer or RV.

Why is a firepit better than just building a fire in the ground surrounded by rocks?

Building a fire in the ground is very ineffecient. Most of the heat goes up instead of out. Also sparks can fly out causing fires. Our firepits are safe to use in dry areas.

What is the best way to build a fire in my firepit?

Ball three pieces of newspaper up and place in the bottom of your pit. Now build a teepee with three pieces of kindling and light the paper. Once the kindling is burning, you can put some smaller pieces of wood on them and it will catch quickly. I place a 6 inch diameter rock in the bottom so the wood has something to lean against keeping it somewhat upright so it burns better.


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