Getting The Most Out Of Your Firepit

Couple By The FireIf you use your firepit on a wooden deck, be sure and insulate it to prevent scorching your deck.

A big fire can really radiate a lot of heat dcwnward from the bottom of your firepit. Although it is unlikely to catch your deck on fire it could blacken or scorch the wood. It is better to be safe than sorry. Place some flagstone rocks or buy an insulating pad from a local fireplace store. (see photo below)

Place a rock or a wood grate in the bottom of your firepit.

You can buy a small firelog grate at any hardware store or just place a large (6 inch diameter) rock in the bottom of your pit. Do not use a soft rock such as sandstone as it will break or could even explode.

The purpose of the rock or the grate is to lift the burning logs off of the bottom of the firepit so they burn completely and more effeciently.

Periodically clean your fire pit.

Eventually the bottom of your fire pit will collect ashes. A large pile of ashes will make it harder to light fires. I like to dump the contents of my firepit after four or five fires.

Always use the poker !

One night when the fire had died down and I had consumed a few glasses of wine, I reached down to remove the screen top. It was still really hot and I got a small burn on my hand. This taught me how long steel retains and radiates heat. Always use the poker to lift the lid or adjust logs.

Protect your deck with flagstone rock or an insulating pad


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